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Anonymous asked:

I just want to say that mute characters might also use sign language. Would it also be okay to make them write on notepads?

It really depends on the cause of muteness.  If the muteness will be temporary, then it’s probably more likely that they would write on notepads.  Again, depending on the cause, they might be able to use an electrolarynx, or a computer program which will read back the words that they type.  However, if the muteness will be long term (more than a few months) or permanent, more than likely the person would learn sign language and use that primarily unless they’re able to use an electrolarynx or “type and talk” program.  So definitely make sure to decide why your character is mute and whether it’s long or short term.  Then you can also do some research on people in that specific situation and see what else you can find out. 


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